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As an entrepreneur, you’re used to rolling up your sleeves and solving problems. In fact, you enjoy it most of the time. The thing is, as you grow your business there are more and more daily tasks that require someone’s time—your time. That’s where Podfixer comes in. We’re podcasting professionals. Nothing should come between you and your audience, and with Podfixer it doesn’t! We have the team and tools to make your podcast sound amazing while you focus on the tasks that make your business money!

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Start the process of setting yourself free from monotonous work of podcast production. Your time is better spent doing tasks that make you money.


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We want to be certain that what we do represents you in the best light possible. We’ll listen to what is most important to you and make it our priority.

#3—Upload Files

Sending your files couldn’t be easier. With an upload form designed specifically for your needs, there are no shared folders & no permissions.

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Does Your Business Need To Start a Podcast?

Does Your Business Need To Start a Podcast?

Your business is growing – you’re getting more traction and attention. That’s great! But do you know how starting a podcast can take your business presence to a whole new level? The podcasting industry is
rapidly growing and we don’t see it slowing down soon. Here’s why you should consider starting a

Why Is Everyone Podcasting?

Why Is Everyone Podcasting?

Podcasting isn’t just a trend. The number of podcasters aren’t growing just because everyone else who’s
anyone has a podcast. This industry is thriving and even though some people think that radio is already
dead, podcasting goes beyond the usual radio program. It’s an effective channel that removes the boundaries of educating and keeping your audience informed.

iTunes Isn’t Dead It Just Changed Into Something Else

iTunes Isn’t Dead It Just Changed Into Something Else

iTunes is long gone…so we think. While it’s no longer available to later Mac OS, it’s pretty much just dismantled to stand alone branches of consumable media products. Podcasts, music and TV shows are
still available on the iTunes Store and strategically stored in their dedicated apps.