Ep. 004 Podcast Studio Must-Haves for 2020

It has recently been announced that tech giant Apple is dismantling iTunes software and instead of launching standalone versions of its Music, Podcasts, and TV apps for Mac users on the next version of macOS Catalina.

It’s no surprise that iTunes is going away. As of 2019, 50 million people use Apple Music, and there are 75 million subscribers on Spotify Premium. The use of iTunes has slowly declined as more people have switched over to alternative services, and it feels like the right time to say goodbye to the platform. But is iTunes really dead? What will happen to your media? Is this going to negatively impact podcasters?

We discuss in more detail below!

Bye-Bye iTunes

There was a time when iTunes made the lives easier of music lovers everywhere, but you simply can’t argue with the facts. More people are using Apple Music and Spotify now than ever before. Of course, there are people who believe that iTunes has always been a bloated, poorly optimized mess, and has been outdated for some time. Nobody is disputing that. However, the announcement is still making some old users nostalgic. Is there anything we could have done collectively to save iTunes? Probably not. It was born in 2001, and 18 years later, we should all be more than ready to let it go.

However, all is not lost. Now, it’s time for the individual components of iTunes to get their own Mac apps to improve usability for everyone. Although some people will be sad to see iTunes go (mainly for nostalgic reasons), many are sure to be delighted with the change.